Tonga welcomes tourists back with open arms

Tonga Tourism reopens its doors to the world, putting behind it the years of pandemic crisis with a new slogan: “Kingdom of Tonga, the True South Pacific”.

The Kingdom of Tonga is back on the international tourism stage, as proven by its presence at ITB Asia this year. Data shows that tourism in Tonga is recovering faster than expected. Current statistics demonstrate a notable increase in visitor arrivals with renewed interest in the country’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

The resurgence in Tonga’s tourism industry after the pandemic years led to a sharp surge in total international arrivals in 2022. The kingdom welcomed over 36,000 international arrivals, an amazing 1,805% compared to 2021. The Tonga travel industry is rebuilding rapidly with over 85% of the industry now fully recovered. Tonga looks ready to return to its 2019 record of 136,000 international travellers, and is once again connected by air to Auckland, Fiji and Sydney.

The whale watching and swimming sectors are expanding this coming season with many new marine activities. Historical sites and natural attractions have been upgraded and restored while cultural tours have bounced back with enhanced products to entertain visitors. Tourism products and services have been revitalised and most importantly, everyone is ready and eager to welcome tourists back with open arms and smiling faces.