DWTC sets the course for sustainable, innovative events in Dubai

Mahir Julfar, Executive Vice President at Dubai World Trade Centre, tells ITB Asia News how DWTC is increasingly sustainable, community-linked and at the cutting-edge of technologies.

What can you tell us about DWTC’s role in the MICE sector in the region, specifically in growing community events?
Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) serves as a hub for the exchange of ideas, partnerships, and pushing boundaries. Our commitment to nurturing community events is a significant aspect of our mission. We cultivate a spectrum of events, from large international exhibitions to community events and local festivals. With world-class facilities, seamless management services, and our steadfast dedication to sustainability, DWTC cultivates an environment encouraging community engagement with the MICE sector.

How will Dubai hosting COP28 highlight the city’s thriving MICE ecosystem? 
Dubai’s selection as the host city for COP28 places us in the international spotlight. Hosting COP28 illustrates how the UAE seamlessly integrates sustainability into a cohesive and engaging event experience while fostering significant global dialogue and cooperation.

Our readiness to host COP28 is built on the success of Expo 2020 Dubai and the invaluable lessons and infrastructure developed for Expo 2020 such as waste management, energy efficiency, and sustainable transportation options. This underscores Dubai’s readiness for eco-friendly events.

What trends do you see for MICE tourism in the future?
Several trends are shaping the landscape of MICE tourism. The digital transformation is increasingly influencing our industry, with virtual and hybrid events gaining prominence, although in-person events have made a robust comeback since Covid. Secondly, sustainability is transitioning from being a desirable aspect to an absolute necessity. Finally, data analytics and artificial intelligence are revolutionising our ability to offer personalised experiences to event attendees and exhibitors. We can tailor our offerings to precisely match their requirements, setting new standards.


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