Passion, empathy, authenticity, key ingredients for the future of MICE

During a C-Suite Talk titled “Fool-proof your MICE Business in Unpredictable times”, Richard Soo, Chief Guru@ Creative Marketing MEP Meeting & Exhibition Planners defined what the MICE industry could look like…

While the complete halt to the MICE industry during the pandemic was challenging, Richard Soo, Chief Guru from MEP, struck a positive note saying: “We are slowly coming out of the woods as borders reopen and business resumes.”

But how did MICE companies learn from the pandemic? For Soo, three major changes took place. “MICE needs to learn to share. Let’s work together and help each other make our sector more resilient. Our industry has no power if we do not unite to learn from each other and also speak with one single voice”, he stressed.

Companies also need to care for their own people. “We should stop ‘commoditising’ people but rather show empathy and helpfulness. We need to put authenticity and human relations as a main drive of our business,” he said.

Finally, Soo highlighted the necessity to let creativity thrive. “Let imagination prosper. It brings passion into our job. And passion drives the profession!”