NYC invites Asian visitors to discover its neighbourhoods like New Yorkers

Visitors at ITB Asia can learn all about New York’s latest tourism marketing campaign created by NYC & Company.

Supporting the return of international tourists this year, the city’s tourism organisation (NYC & Company) has released Neighbourhood travel guides of its five boroughs Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens.

‘Brooklyn Like a New Yorker,’ ‘Bronx Like a New Yorker,’ ‘Manhattan Like a New Yorker,’ ‘Staten Island Like a New Yorker,’ and ‘Queens Like a New Yorker’ : New York City’s new tourism marketing campaign encourages visitors to explore different parts of New York City and support small businesses as the tourism industry bounces back. According to NYC & Company, tourism levels in the city are expected to return to 85% of 2019 levels by year end. That would include an estimated 8 million international travellers.

‘Get Local NYC’ is a way for New York to entice people venturing beyond the main sights, explore the metropolis and also help rebuild and strengthen tourism and hospitality businesses across all five boroughs. The campaign highlights New Yorkers’ best kept secrets. “While New Yorkers know where to find the best bagel or slice of pizza, see the best street art or artists, tourists are not so lucky. These guides give an insider’s view to visitors,” explains the NYC & Company marketing team.

And the new initative also offers targeted tools for travel agents: Borough-specific guides with photo galleries, videos, itineraries, events, and venues are available on the city’s official tourism website, helping professionals to set up itineraries. NYC & Company’s creative team also built-in additional taglines, including ‘Chinatown Like a New Yorker,’ ‘Museums Like a New Yorker,’ ‘Dance Till Dawn Like a New Yorker,’ ‘Art Galleries Like a New Yorker,’ with more to follow, including dining and retail solutions to reflect New York City’s vibrancy.

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