AirHost automates tasks – increasing hospitality productivity

Exhibiting at this year’s Travel Tech Asia, AirHost offers a cloud-based Hospitality Management System that provides contactless check-in solution & focuses on guests’ travel experiences. Clients are ranging from Airbnb owners, hotels to property management companies, who use AirHost products to manage their business remotely.

The system allows hotels to check guests’ messages and check-in status online in real time remotely, enabling quick response in an emergency and an unmanned check-in flow with high reviews.

Contactless check-in: 24/7 and 365 days, Auto room assign, ID verification, Self-check-in tablet, Mobile check-in app.

Channel manager: Full integration with major OTAs, Auto rate sync, Real time booking, Auto discount setting, Pricing template.

PMS: Auto and assign room management, Auto-message 24/7, Cleaning management & housekeeping, Auto notification, Check-in management, Guest inquiry management, Centralised inbox, Room inventory synchronising, Finance report, Payments solution.

Payment gateway: Bi-weekly deposit, Auto card charging, Auto notifications for bad cards, Auto reauthorise, Secure & faster transactions.

Booking engine: Zero commission, Mobile friendly, Multi-lingual & currencies, Reservation management, Secure online payment, Discount, Promo Coupons.

IOT Smartlock: Fully integrated with the IoT smart locks, Auto assigned pin code upon confirmed bookings.

The goal? To reduce human errors to the minimum, with, in some cases, the number of guests increasing by 70%-80%.

According to one client, “Staff productivity has improved significantly and the working time is about 30% of the previous time. Many functions such as room allocation and automatic messaging work automatically without human intervention”.

Photo : Airhost CTO -Mr. Ziwei Zhou