Indonesia takes leading role in tourism ethics

Indonesia stands out this year at ITB Asia as being the first signatory of the UNWTO’s Framework Convention on Tourism Ethics. The convention was launched as a landmark instrument to ensure global tourism is fair, inclusive, more transparent, and works for everyone.

The ceremony, hosted on 2 October by the UNWTO in Madrid, was a significant step towards the ratification of the Convention, which was first adopted during the 23rd meeting of the UNWTO General Assembly in September 2019. In a special ceremony attended by Indonesia’s Ambassador to Spain, Bapak Hermono and hosted at the UNWTO headquarters, Indonesia became the first country to sign, signalling its strong commitment to uphold the highest ethical principles as it expands its tourism sector. Indonesia also played an important role in the original drafting of the Convention.

Photo: Indonesia’s Ambassador to Spain, Bapak Hermono at signature ceremony -UNWTO headquarters, Madrid

New destination ideas abound

Indonesia continues to work on the promotion of lesser-known destinations in the archipelago. How about Prambanan, the “most beautiful and graceful Hindu temple in Indonesia”?  Located not far from the Buddhist Borobudur temple, the proximity of the two temples tells us that on Java, Buddhism and Hinduism lived peacefully next to one another. Prambanan is a magnificent spectacle and an icon of Indonesia’s cultural heritage. The temples at Prambanan were built in the 9th century.

A magic island: Truly heaven on earth, even on your first step on the docks of Kanawa island in the Komodo National Park, visitors are met with a stunning view of the marine life through the crystal-clear water. This island is also 32 hectares big with an incomparable natural view, making it seem like a private island.

Kanawa island – Image © J Anandary

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