Finland promotes happiness at ITB Asia 2019

National tourism authority Visit Finland invited ITB Asia visitors to find out the secret behind being the happiest country in the world and to explore the country’s all year round offering, either on a stopover or a longer stay.

For the second year in a row, Finland has been named the happiest country in the world, according to the World 2019 Happiness Report. Finns mainly attribute their happiness to their close connection with nature. The country’s many lakes, rivers and extensive forests provide pure ingredients and places for relaxation, and all this can be enjoyed by both locals and travelers alike. Finland offers an alternative to crowded travel destinations, and seeks to nurture, conserve and preserve its natural environment, as well as the Finnish culture and lifestyle for years to come.

How to sell then the happiness concept to Asians? “We just want to convey to Asian people a simple message: come to Finland, slow down and reconnect with nature with us. They will see the big difference of our lifestyle with the hectic pace of their life here in Asia,” said Sari Hey, PR & Media Manager Asia and Australia for Visit Finland during ITB Asia. “I am con dent that Asian travellers will then understand why we feel happy,” she adds.

A campaign called “Rent a Finn” is an original response to the need of resourcing for travellers looking for authenticity, local experience and the search of serene nature. Finland proposed during the year the possibility for visitors to meet and live with Finns and to discover Finnish nature with a local guide. “The program will be nished by year end and will be reviewed in a different way,” says Sari Hey.

Finland is turning increasingly popular for Asian travellers. During the first eight months, Asian arrivals grew by 10% to reach 780,500 nights. The fastest growing market in Southeast Asia was Malaysia, up by 76%, followed by Thailand, up by 26%.


Photo: Finland has been named the happiest country in the world