Asian demand emerges for new destinations in Italy

Asian travellers put Italy among the top destinations that they want to visit in Europe. Italy stands with France, Germany and the UK among Asians’ favourites. It is estimated that Southeast Asia generates over 200,000 arrivals per year. ASEAN countries represent Asia’s fifth largest source market after China, Japan, South Korea and India.

ASEAN travellers tend to favour “Classic Italy” circuits which generally include Rome, Florence, Pisa, Milan and Venice. In recent years, ENIT has seen Asian demand emerging for the Amal Coast, Sicily and Liguria.

Culture, gastronomy and shopping for Italian brands are among the favourite activities of Southeast Asians. In 2019, ENIT promotes the luxury concept in Southeast Asia by emphasizing a lifestyle nurtured by high quality tourism.
In 2020, Italy will push various themes to let visitors discovering new destinations such as Parma named the Italian Capital of Culture and Torino, the city of Italian cinema.


Photo: Duomo di Messina, Sicily, Italy