TravelCarma targets Umrah operators with Travel Technology Solutions at ITB Asia 2019

TravelCarma will meet potential buyers in the vicinity of the Musilm Travel Pavilion to present its various technology solutions, including the ones for the Umrah market.

TravelCarma is a global travel technology brand with over 20 years of software delivery experience. It already helps tourism companies from 60 countries to achieve a significant online presence by providing end-to-end, mobile-friendly online travel solutions with their own branding and access to global inventory. The company is present at ITB Asia 2019, showcasing its travel technology solutions including:

  • EMPERIA – A Travel ERP Solution that helps travel agencies and OTAs automate reservations, streamline back office processes and centrally manage distribution
  • ADVENTIA – A booking solution for tour operators that allows them to load their tour packages online, configure B2B markups/ commissions and allow their agents worldwide to log in and make bookings
  • E-IMDP – Inventory Distribution and Channel Management Solution allowing Wholesalers, DMCs and large B2B players to manage and distribute their contracted inventories via API across multiple sales channels
  • TDX – A platform-agnostic aggregation engine that can bundle multiple requests/ responses through a unified API. It also enables travel
    firms to tie-up with any partner globally without making any change in their existing system.

TravelCarma solutions for Umrah operators are targeting Muslim travellers. The company developed a fast and powerful technology platform that helps travel and hospitality companies specialized in Umrah travel to connect with each other, as well as third-party inventory of hotels, packages, and ground services, in line with the new framework being laid out by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. The ministry is currently exploring ways of digitizing and automating the reservation and visa processes to make the experience more accessible, faster and more secure.

According to a Skift research, Umrah travel generates €200 bn with South East Asia being an important source market thanks to Indonesia and Malaysia.


Photo: Umrah pilgrims in Makkah, Saudi Arabia