Indian outbound and domestic tourism to hit €51 bn in 2020

The launch, on 15-17 April 2020, of the first ITB India by Messe Berlin (Singapore) is very timely, as the nation has very quickly become one of the biggest tourism markets in the world.

The value of the Indian tourism industry is expected to hit€51 bn in 2020, according to the UNWTO. The numbers for outbound travellers could well reach 50 million by 2020, which speaks to just how robust the outbound tourism market in India will be. These 50 million outbound travellers will need all kinds of services, creating many opportunities for National Tourism Organisations, travel and hospitality companies and other service providers.

India is the second largest most populous country in the world with the tag of fastest-growing major economy globally. Due to this economic growth, its people are earning more year on year and their disposable income is also growing. Air connectivity from India to foreign locations has also improved signi cantly over recent years.

According to, first- time Indian visitors generally prefer to visit Asian countries such as Thailand and Singapore, due to their proximity. In the case of long-haul travel Indians prefer going to the United States, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand.

Business tourism is reported to be a major driver. Research indicates the number of business tourists from India visiting Japan, for example, is larger than the number of holiday tourists. Indian outbound business tourism to China is also showing a positive trend and will continue to grow for years to come. Thailand is attracting huge numbers of Indian tourists, because of its affordability and proximity.

The United States is a prime destination for Indian outbound travellers on a global level. More than a third of the total worldwide expenditure by Indian tourists takes place in theUnitedStates,whichisa popular destination for all travel segments.

Photo: Indian tourists in front the Louvre museum, Paris