Wildlife in the city: Alaska runs wild and free in Anchorage

Only in Anchorage can you meet a moose, walk on a glacier and explore a vast, natural park all in a single day. Between mountains and an inlet, surrounded by national parks and filled with Alaska wildlife, Anchorage combines the best of Alaska in a city that has the comforts of home and the hospitality of the Last Frontier.

Alaska’s largest city and transportation hub excites the visitors’ senses with urban delights and wild sights. The city combines the best of city amenities such as world-class dining, comfortable lodging and cultural touchpoints with the vast beauty and wildness that is Alaska. Travellers can look for an urban moose, walk on a glacier, and escape to a national park all in one day. Winter fun includes aurora viewing, downhill and cross-country skiing, dog mushing and winter festivals. Diverse populations such as moose, Dall sheep, black and brown bear, grizzlies, lynx, fox, coyote, beluga whales, salmon, wolves and fascinating species of birds live in abundance in Anchorage’s big back yard.


The boom in midtown hotel building is at a crescendo with the opening of StayBridge Suites and Hyatt Place. StayBridge Suites opened December 2018. StayBridge is off A Street along Calais Drive and has suites equipped with full kitchens.

Hyatt Place opened in Anchorage in May of 2019. The property on Tudor Road has 133 rooms. The Lakefront Anchorage brings Lake Hood closer to guests. Alterations to exterior landscaping allow the hotel to offer a new set of lake view rooms. Guests can watch the sun slowly set as oat planes taxi, take off and land at an Alaska oatplane base.


Phillips Cruises and tours has added a new vessel, the Bravest, to the day cruise offerings from the port town of Whittier. The new, high-speed catamaran can carry 285 passengers. The vessel is the company’s third exploring Prince William Sound. Meanwhile, Lazy Otter’s new boat, the Voyager is a 46-foot, 30-passenger catamaran, specially designed for glacier and wildlife cruises


Photo: The Anchorage skyline