Luxembourg City is also a perfect Christmas destination

Why not to travel to Luxembourg between 22 November and 5 January to discover the “Winterlights” festival which celebrates the Christmas time?

Luxembourg is an excellent alternative for travellers looking to enjoy a traditional European Christmas. The small capital city is actually an attractive destination during the festive season with its atmospheric old town living to the rhythm of the “Winterlights” festival. Luxemburg City is invaded by giant Christmas trees, a Ferris wheel, various carrousels as well as Christmas markets that smell of mulled wine and cinnamon biscuits. The highlight of the festive season is a giant ice- skating rink in front of Luxembourg old city hall.

Hosted for a couple of years, the “Winterlights” festival turns the city into a magical and wonderful setting with thousands of lights along the streets and avenues of the city centre. The event is organized by the Luxembourg City Tourist Office in close collaboration with the City of Luxembourg. Winterlights is not only about lighting Luxembourg squares and streets. They are more than 200 concerts and events in the heart of the Christmas markets of Luxembourg City.

A good motivation to visit Luxembourg Winterlights Festival is the commitment of authorities for an environment-friendly event. The lights that illuminate the city during the Christmas period consists exclusively of low-energy bulbs. The LEDs manage to reduce the electricity consumption by 97% while the remaining 3% is supplied by so-called “green” electricity.

The City is stepping up its efforts to promote and maintain a clean environment by setting up rules to reduce the amount of waste produced. Thanks to the commitment of the festival’s organisers and associations that occupy Christmas markets stands, meals and drinks offered at the Christmas market will be served in containers made of reusable materials, such as glass or porcelain. Visitors will be able to collect their deposit by returning them to the stands.


Photo: The ‘Winterlights’ festival in Luxembourg City