Seoul Botanic Park a major new attraction in South Korea

Seoul Botanic Park, a project that began in 2015, opened its doors for a “soft opening” on October 11.

The park currently retains around 3,100 species of plants and plans to secure up to 8,000 species for collection, exchange, research, and propagation by the time of its grand opening in May 2019.

Seoul Botanic Park consists of open forest, themed gardens, a lake garden and wetland. The Themed Garden, open from 9am to 6pm, consists of an outdoor garden and plant culture centre that exhibits a greenhouse with plants from 12 different cities overseas. Other gardens and attractions are open 24 hours.

Seoul Botanic Park is directly connected to Magongnaru Station of Line 9 and the Airport Railroad (Exits 3, 4), which allows for fine accessibility. The park is located 30 minutes from Gangnam (Sinnonhyeon Station) and 40 minutes from Incheon International Airport.