First section of Moscow’s Nekrasovskaya Line to open in late 2018

Moscow’s Deputy Mayor for Urban Development and Construction, Marat Khusnullin, has revealed the first 6.9 km section of the metro’s Nekrasovskaya Line (No. 15) from Kosino station to Nekrasovka station is almost complete.

He explains, “All the construction and assembly work is now complete. Workers are assembling and adjusting utility mains and station equipment. We are finishing the stations, as well as their access routes.”

The metro plans to open the new line in late 2018, he added, although he said that it depends on the success of the comprehensive tests.

“Any metro station is a highly sophisticated engineering and technical facility with about 20-25 utility mains,” he said. “Most of them have already been assembled.”

This month, workers will also start installing structures for a transit link/hub at Nekrasovka station. In all, Nekrasovskaya Line will have six transit links/hubs at the Nekrasovka, Lukhmanovskaya, Ulitsa Dmitriyevskogo, Kosino, Yugo-Vostochnaya and Nizhegorodskaya Ulitsa stations.

Ulitsa station will receive the city’s largest transit link/hub, Ryazanskaya. It will link the metro’s Nekrasovskaya Line and Large Circle Line (No. 11), the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) railway and the Moscow Railway’s Gorky Line.

Photo: Moscow Metro