Madagascar boosted by introduction of e-visa

The recent introduction of an e-visa system for tourists in Madagascar has made travel to the country much easier. The online application for an e-visa became available in the second quarter of 2018.

The 4th biggest island in the world is being promoted at ITB Asia by Le Voyageur – tour operator and travel agency. Incoming tour operator in Madagascar, founded in 1998, under Swiss management with Malagasy team, for FIT and group tours to most areas of the country, Le Voyageur also organises custom tailored tours, theme tours, birdwatching, cycling and sailing. Le Voyageur is at ITB Asia looking for partners worldwide to co-operate on Madagascar tours for their clients.

Le Voyageur reports that in airline news, Madagascar-based Air Mad has signed to sell 49% of its capital to Air Austral, based on the neighbouring island of La Reunion. This, says the local TO, will give Air Mad new capital and more aircraft, which should result in more domestic and international flights.

For domestic flights, Air Madagascar has created the company Tsaradia, and all domestic flights of Air Madagascar will now be under the new name, which has the airline code TZ.

In other airline news, South African Airlink is now operating daily flights between Johannesburg and the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo, and weekly flights to Nosy Be. Ethiopian Airlines is flying to Antananarivo and now also to Nosy Be, while Turkish Airlines and Air France still fly several times per week via Istanbul and Paris respectively to Antananarivo.