Poland: Where gastronomy is “capital”

Poland is bursting with authentic experiences… including Krakow’s award- winning food scene, which has been named 2019 European Capital of Gastronomy Culture.

One is able to combine city and sea in Gdansk or escape to one of Poland’s many unique agro farms that few tourists know about and take to activities like bread and cheese making, fish smoking and horse riding.

As well as its diverse selection of regional cuisines, Poland houses one of the world’s oldest beer brewing cultures, brewing some of the world’s finest beers for well over a thousand years.

Meanwhile, the country’s white sandy beaches located along the Baltic Coast are another great attraction. Head to Sopot, home to the longest wooden pier in Europe, where views stretch out across the Baltic Sea, or discover Jurata, the popular seaside resort along the 35km Hel Peninsula. Visitors can enjoy relaxed sunset walks on the wide sandy beach, or take to sailing, windsurfing or kite-surfing on its blue shores.

Discover the Kashubian region, home to its very own language. Kashubian is the second language spoken after Polish, and since 2005 enjoys legal protection as an official regional language – the only tongue in Poland with this status. Experience local customs, authentic cuisine and enjoy the traditional ways of Polish life.


Photo: Krakow, Poland