Latvia targets more Asian visitors

At ITB Asia, Latvia aims to grow the number of South-East Asian visitors

Lasma Lidaka is Head of Representative Office in Singapore for Latvia’s Investment and Development Agency. With Latvia celebrating its centenary in 2018, we asked her about her role and the importance in attending ITB Asia.

The Latvian government’s Trade, Investment and Tourism Promotion Agency in Singapore has the strategic task of promoting Latvia in Singapore and the Southeast Asian region. My role specifically is to facilitate partnerships between entrepreneurs in Latvia and Singapore as well as South East Asia. In a way, I help to build a “bridge” with the tourism industries of the various countries. This is the second time that Latvia will be participating in ITB Asia with a stand. There is a growing interest in the Baltic States, especially, Latvia, as it is the most vibrant centre of all three Baltic countries.

Is Latvia a popular destination for Asian tourists?

Latvia is a comparatively unknown destination among Singaporean and South Asian travellers, but it has already gained recognition from other international travellers as “Europe’s best kept secret” and “the hidden gem of Europe”. It has many different offering to suit the tastes of diverse travellers as it is a fabulous mix of the old and the new. In Riga, the capital of Latvia, medieval pearls mingle with Art Nouveau gems and top class contemporary architecture. The downtown area of Riga is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List thanks to its medieval dwellings, quaint 19th Century wooden structures and its examples of Art Nouveau architecture.

Can you tell us more about Latvia’s nature tourism offer?

Nature is at the heart of Latvia as it is one of the greenest countries in the world. From its beautiful forested landscapes to pristine beaches, from the Baltic Sea to its many rivers and lakes, nature and its changing seasons provide a never-ending source of inspiration for Latvians and its visitors. A major plus point for is that Latvia is not too crowded with tourists, but at the same time has excellent infrastructure to ensure the very best for your customers and meet all their needs and interests.


Photo: Lasma Lidaka, Head of the Representative Office in Singapore, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA)