Finland: growth in overnight stays following ITB Asia StopOver Finland launch

Visit Finland is hosting a delegation of 36 companies at ITB Asia, representing the main regions of Helsinki, Lakeland, Archipelago and Lapland.

Heli Mende, Director of Visit Finland Global Sales Promotion, says: “2017 was a record year in tourism for Finland, as we saw a 17% growth in overnights compared to previous year. Travel from Asia is growing steadily also this year and are especially happy to see how the numbers from South East Asia and Australia have developed.”

Two years ago at ITB Asia, Visit Finland, in collaboration with Finnair and other Finnish travel experts, launched StopOver Finland concept, which offers Asian travellers enjoyable experiences and easily accessible packages and services in Helsinki and outside the capital city in Finland’s countryside.

Mende says: “The StopOver concept and the attraction of the Northern Lights have proven to be a success. The amount of stopover travellers from Asia to Finland is growing steadily. During first quarter of 2018, Finland has seen an increase up to 23% in passengers staying more than 24 hours. Travellers from Australia saw a huge increase from 2016 to 2017, altogether 44%. Overall, the total number of overnights spent in Finland by Asian travelers has increased by 2% during the first half of the year.”

Mervi Toivonen, Head of the Finland Convention Bureau at Visit Finland, says: “We are seeing more and more interest from the business events sector towards Finland. Our well- organised services and infrastructure with peaceful settings and numerous thrilling activities both in summer and winter are perfect for any event.” At the Visit Finland stand, one can find shipping companies, hotel chains, regional organisations and incoming agencies from all four characteristic regions of Finland: adventurous Lapland, laid-back Lakeland, rocky Archipelago and the cosmopolitan area of Helsinki. Additionally, Visit Rovaniemi and the national carrier Finnair are complementing Finland’s visibility at ITB Asia.