Yes, digital booking for attractions, tours and activities is possible…

Xplore is described as a uniquely Asian booking system and channel manager, specifically tailored to the unique needs of Asian attractions, tours and activity operators.

Clement Wong, CEO and Founder of BeMyGuest, says: “It’s undeniable that the attractions, tours and activities space is undergoing a massive shift in their business fundamentals globally, but in such a multicultural and fragmented, largely offline market like Asia, the shift is a far greater challenge,

“For many years, BeMyGuest has been bridging the technology gap that exists between a very digitally enabled distribution landscape and a very manual and traditional supply of attractions, tours and activities products in Asia. While there is a number of booking systems available for suppliers in US, Europe and even Australia, relevant technological innovation for this region was required as a matter of urgency which is what motivated us to design and launch Xplore.”

Xplore is available in a software as a service model in multiple Asian languages; its e-commerce modules provide operators with the ability to capture online transactions, collect payments in multiple Asian currencies and run product promotions for their B2C customers on their own websites and/or ticket counters. The Channel Manager module enables suppliers to deliver electronic tickets to B2B customers, in bulk to traditional travel agents, and via a booking and content API to the operator’s online travel agent partners.

Blanca Menchaca, COO and Co-Founder of BeMyGuest, says: “Attractions, tours and activity products that are not readily available for booking in real-time and on a same-day basis are missing out on the fastest growing customer audience. This is especially so in Asia where mobile booking and payment behaviour prevails”.