WeChat mini-programmes create a new real-time sales channel

DerbySoft says its new product, WeChat Solution, which helps hotels to build a WeChat Mini-program that connects to PMS/CRS, is creating a new emerging real-time sales channel.

DerbySoft is a provider of distribution services to the hospitality industry through an array of products and solutions.

Adele Zhang, Director of Marketing at DerbySoft, says: “WeChat ‘mini-programs’ are starting to take off in China’s social media world, where the messaging platform dominates the market. Some hotels developing mini-programs find they rank among their best-performing direct channels, bringing in a large number of bookings from outbound Chinese travellers.

WeChat mini-programs act like apps – except they live in the cloud and don’t have to be downloaded, so users save on data and storage space.


Zhang says: “They’re inserted or embedded in a WeChat promotional article easily, just as you would paste a URL link. There are more than 400 million total WeChat mini-program users, 170-million of them daily users.”

Most recently, DerbySoft launched Max, a content platform that communicates over 500 aspects of hotel properties to distributors to create higher booking conversion.

Zhang says: “Build is a standard custom connectivity platform, while Go connects distributors and suppliers in a more streamlined platform for those looking for faster speed to market. DerbySoft also provides solutions for metasearch and digital marketing challenges through the Click product.”

At ITB Asia, Zhang says she has two objectives, to get as many new leads as possible and to catch-up with DerbySoft’s existing customers: “ITB Asia is the only exhibition we go to in South-east Asia, we would like to get in touch with the industry trend and landscape here as well as get new prospect/leads into our pipeline. Consumers are expecting more, not only for the price value, but also for the customer experience. Globally, people travel more and more people are starting to travel. One size ts all doesn’t work anymore, we have to offer different products and services to different segmentations”.


Photo:  Adele Zhang, Director of Marketing, DerbySoft