Feeling like Katherine Hepburn on the Brahmaputra

One woman said she “felt like Katherine Hepburn on the African Queen” … It’s known as one of the top ten river cruises in the world, and is still a secret for many. But not for long, as a cruise on “MV Mahabaahu” – claiming to be India’s most luxurious river cruise – is among the top products being presented at ITB Asia by Assam state.

Assam is the gateway to the north- eastern states and has been aptly described as the sentinel of Northeast India. In total, seven Indian states and two countries – Bhutan and Bangladesh – surround Assam, which is also close to India’s international borders with China and Myanmar.

The mighty river Brahmaputra decors the geography of the state and one can take a Cruise along this river with first class facilities experiencing wildlife, tradition, adventure tourism on its way. The river cruise passes by the world’s largest inhabited river island, Majuli, which has several satras vaishnavite monasteries, some dating back to the 16th centuries; as well as the world’s smallest riverine island in the world – namely Umananda Temple – which was built in the 17th Century dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Assam is surrounded by hills, major rivers such as Brahmaputra and Barak and its tributaries through thick forest and tea gardens enhance the scenic beauty of Assam. So much to discover!


Photo: Bramhaputra River, Assam